That’s it.

That’s the post.

Just kidding, there’s more to come, but my thesis statement is right there in the title…well, in a much more blunt way than it needs to be. I do not really hate my kindle. I just do not like reading on it all that much.

I write this on the porch of a house, tucked away in the mountains, that I have rented for the week. Time, always in short supply at home, is abundant here.

That means, I read three books today.

(And no judgement from anyone. Please and thank you.)

These books were paperbacks and hardbacks from my local library. How I adore reading a physical book. As a kinesthetic learner with a diagnosed attention disorder, I want, no NEED, to feel a page under my fingers. The paper in between my thumb and index finger grounds me to the story and shifts my focus from everything around me to just the story . Without that physical grounding, I feel like I never really focus on the story and I never really like the story.

But Kindles have buttons you say? I know! But the sensory experience just is not the same.

So it is not that I hate my Kindle, I just struggle with reading on it. I am not ashamed, just stating a hopefully relatable truth.

To be fair, my books took up a lot of room in my bag, so I only brought six on this trip. When I travel on an airplane, I usually fill up my Kindle. A Kindle’s ability to accommodate the enormous number of books I need for a vacation is astounding and wonderful. I AM grateful that they were invented.

In sum, Kindle, I do not hate you. I respect and admire your function. I need you often, even though our reading styles are not always compatible.

And that is okay.

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